Amigos Bogodev

Amigos BogoDev is a program to support the software development ecosystem in Colombia and Latin America, supported and developed by Hackathon center.

With this alliance you get: positioning among the best software development talents of LATAM, use of our innovation platform and discounts in courses and workshops as some of the benefits.

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Media/communication allies

In the open innovation ecosystem there is always a reason to learn and share, to know how to spread the word is one of the most powerful sources of information for that we want to work with you as an ally of communication.

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We have a community of multidisciplinary mentors, able to connect with different sectors and support the ecosystem of entrepreneurs in Colombia.

With this alliance you can share your work and personal experiences to support new proposals, at the same time you get recognition from the community.

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Strategic allies

When working with open innovation, we find answers from external sources.

f you are a technology company and you think you have some point of affinity with what we do or that you could even improve it, get in touch with us we want to know your ideas / products and work for an end with common benefits.

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Our allies