What is an innovation platform?

Is a Saas Software on the cloud specialized in manage open innovation and entrepreneurship events

Save money: in Software development,hosting, servers, domains, server management and software updates using our,Saas Platform.

In addition you can focus on the management of your program or event methodology.

The functionalities of the platform facilitate innovation in your organization


  • Creation of the landing page for your program or event.
  • News section to inform your participants about the progress of the process.
  • Registry the participants and their teammates

Participants management

  • Participants management
  • Registry for mentors and juries involved in the process.
  • Selection team tools
  • Consolidation of results for the selection process


  • Awards tools to recognize participants and teams
  • General voting tools:software and hardware

Follow up

  • Management of the mentoring process to teams
  • Capacity inside the cloud for the teams to upload their documents
  • Consolidation of the results for the process of each team

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How to optimize, integrate and develop process all the same time?

This interdisciplinary software platform allows exchanging ideas, actions and research in organizations

Good case practice

The inauguration of the open banks in Colombia uses the Hackathon Center platform

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At hackathon center we believe that business is only done with people you trust.

The products of the creativity of many people, who represent the market better with high probabilities of success, have verified the functionality and usability of this platform.

We are a community of 6540 people, that have contributed to the growth of hackathon center. From their own experiences is possible for them to validate us as an AAA software.

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