What is a Hackathon?

Hackathons are intense work marathons focused on achieving a final result. They are ideal for generating new products, services, generating consensus and promoting interdisciplinary work inside and outside the company. They are designed in the form of a contest. Its duration can be from 4 to 54 hours in length, maximum of 5 days.

Good case practice

Meet Fincluimos, the challenge of the financial inclusion developed along with The Banco Mundial.

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Components of a Hackathon

Look what is necessary in order to run an epic event


Starting planning of the project

Establish the challenge deliverables, from the company that is organizing the hackathon.

Workshop to define those challenge

Hackathons Formats

Check what types of hackathons we can develop for you

Hackathon Onsite

Imagine summoning passionate teams for innovation, experts in topics of specific interest, to work during a weekend with a single objective.

This is what onsite hackathons are, where teams not only work to win a prize, but also collaborate with others in order to generate incredible ideas in a very short period of time.

More and more organizations are using this system of work, being very recursive when it comes to bringing new proposals to their companies

Hackathon Online

Those who choose this format want to find answers, talent or solutions, across borders

That is why although working with a methodology similar to fonsite hackathons, when working online there is more time to polish the results.

We have a standardized framework to run these events effectively

Ideation challenges

It is a solution for brands that want to invite consumers to converse and cooperate with them in the products

This format is usually shorter and aims to deliver a good amount of new ideas to the company that wishes it

They are workshops conducted under an open innovation methodology in which the client participates together with the participants to direct the session and obtain results aligned with their problem.

Hackathons to attract talent

Why read a resume, if you can see how a person works in the workplace?

It is the main idea of ​​these hackathons to go from saying to doing and identifying more effectively the right talents you were looking for

Hackathons that accelerate

They are events for startups to work on refining their products with specialists from various fields. It is also an opportunity for angel investors to meet startup teams, see how they think and how they work.

Hackatones under licenses

Our Hackathones under license, are packaged products that are ready to be implemented.

In this way you should only adjust to the need of your company, shortening planning and logistics times.

It is a system with versatility in the revenue strategy, which can come from royalties to service sales margin.


In the case of Fincluimos, it is a model that seeks to develop products to promote financial inclusion.

This open innovation program goes from the identification of opportunities to the construction of products, having as its center a great hackathon that links and articulates all the financial ecosystems, technology and social inclusion.

Week Challenge Universities

This product is aimed at companies that need to generate and implement new ideas and at the same time encourage the culture of innovation.

It consists of a joint work between university groups and the interested company. It has an extension of one week.

It is also a model that can be managed by the company that acquires the license, with little or no intervention from Hackathon center.

Week Challenge Inter-companies

In the inter-company version of week challenge, the actors that intervene in the creation of new products and ideas, are the same workers of the company.
It lasts a week without affecting the regular work schedules, different participating groups are guided through challenges that result in the new proposal to be implemented by the company.

Master Front

It is an event that seeks to facilitate the recruitment process through a competition in which participants are involved in a unique event that seeks to position the best in the field.
In the first place, 30 finalists are sought, who will have a guaranteed spot in the final test, where 10 people are chosen, one of whom will have the opportunity to be named as the first Torre-MasterFront Crack.

Special projects

We are open to any project consistent with our mission of discovering talents and helping them excel. Whether for recruitment, product creation, new ideas generation or any other purpose, we know how to create creative codes and events.

Let’s do something great together!